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Cleaning Maintenance Tips

There a many factors that can cause your powder coated material to degrade over time such as ultra violet light, dirt, grime, salt deposits and pollution. They can accumulate on the powder coated surface and create problems with the coating. To reduce the effect of these elements and extend the life of your product's material here are a few simple maintenance techniques to be implemented on a regular basis. 


Remove any residue from the surface - carefully clean the surface of your powder coated product approximately every six months. If you are located on coastal areas then carry out your clean process every three months.


To clean the powder coated surface carefully remove any deposits with a damp sponge. Then use a soft brush that is non abrasive and a household detergent that will remove salt, dust or any other deposits. When you have completed the entire surface rinse with clean water.


Be careful to only us household detergents, any detergents that are to be used with gloves could be harmful to the powder coating surface. Some strong solvents recommended for removing sealants or other residues may also be harmful to the powder coatings and should be avoided when trying to extend the life of your powder coated product. It may not be initial visible damage to the powder coating but over time the chemicals in the solvent could wear away the powder coated surface.


If you have paint splashes, sealant drops or other residue on the powder coating make sure to use Methylated Spirits, Turpentine or White Spirits to remove the substance.